Evidence Group 3 – Observations

Evidence Group 3 displays practice of the following standards:  3.5: Use effective classroom communication, 4.1: Support student participation, 4.2: Manage classroom activities, 4.3: Manage challenging behaviour, 6.3: Engage with colleagues and improve practice.

Lesson Observer 1: 9 Core English

Lesson Observer 2: 7 Unicorn HaSS & 8 Unicorn English

Lesson Observer 3: 8 Unicorn English

Throughout my time at Alfred Deakin I have been observed teaching by a range of different people; supervisors, mentors, and other colleagues; and in a mix of surprise and planned observations. Generally the observer takes notes during my lesson so that we are able to have a guided professional conversation once the lesson has ended in order to discuss strengths and weaknesses, and improve my practice.

The people observing my lessons noted that I that I use effective classroom communication through verbal and non-verbal strategies as I walk around the room and monitor progress and behaviour, I use appropriate tone and voice effectively, I employ a range of discussion techniques and I use effective non-verbal quietening queues.

I support student participation through a positive and calming classroom environment, clear expectations and instructions, and building positive relationships and rapport with students.

I manage classroom activities and student behaviour through clear expectation and directions to students, actively walking around the room to monitor progress and behaviour, and creating a positive learning environment.

The conversations with my observers at the summation of the lessons helped me to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses in my teaching practices. Timing of lessons can sometimes be a setback in the smooth running of my lessons, so I began to write the goals and lesson instructions on the board more clearly for my students to understand the expectations of the lesson.

To better understand different classroom and behaviour management techniques I attended the 10 Essential Skills workshop in 2016. This was one of my favourite PD workshops, and it reminded me of many techniques that I was unaware that  I already use, but also gave me new tools to use, as well as the understanding of how and why they work.


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